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Our “Lower Section” newsletter is coming soon from Board member & editor, Kathleen White.

Kathleen White, Board member & Newsletter editor, working hard on the Lower Section of the West River Trail!

Here is a great photo of Kathleen during the Lower Section “Clean-Up Work Party,” where she obviously was getting deep into the mud, so to speak! Cheers to Kathleen, and check back here to read the newsletter on-line.

Alex Wilson’s fundraising letter was put in the snail mail last week . . . if you’d like to receive a copy via email, contact us! We have a challenge grant from the Thomas Thompson Trust, and we really appreciate the donations coming in to our Lower Section initiative, via our new Donations page!

We received a great tip today, from someone out on the trail, that a tree was down just north of the I-91 Interstate bridge. That has been cleared and thanks to the person who let us know about it! (This note is from board member, Jason Cooper, via our Facebook page)

Thanks to Alex for his great work on the fundraising letter—Thanks to all!

____________ PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS PAGE! We want to hear from you—our friends, neighbors, businesses, community hikers, bikers, commuters, walkers, picnickers, birders, etc.!

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