Successful Trail Work day, Sunday, November 3!

The day started out brisk, cold and gray, but the sun came out and warmed us up nicely–perfect for working on the trail! We had a great group of 15 volunteers! The chainsaw group cut up and moved several fallen trees off the trail (including some on the new Riverstone Preserve property); the culvert clearing group dug and ditched and cleared the culverts of fallen leaves, allowing the water to flow through them again; the ATV group traveled the length of the trail, trimming the tops of the new mile marker posts, putting up some signage and collecting small piles of trash; and the loppers and trimmers cleared trails on the Riverstone Preserve. We were happy to welcome Amy Enochs, a staff from the Greenwood School and 4 of her students, Willie, Thomas, Dale and Zachary. We also appreciated the help of Jim Ethier, Tim Tyrrell, Steve Shriner, Joan Weir, Malcolm Moore, Marcia Steckler, and Kathleen White. Peter Yost co-coordinated the day’s work with Jason Cooper-thank you Peter and Jason! And Peter’s daughter, May, did a great job driving the ATV. Thank you to all who came out. A lot was accomplished and we received great feedback about the trail from many happy trail users!

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