West River Trail Work Day Report

A note from Jason Cooper on the West River Trail workday:
“It was a beautiful fall day. Cool with just a hint of rain at one point. We repaired some erosion on the hills of the I-91 bridge construction bypass trail. Beyond that we cleared drainage culverts and ditches, drying out some wet spots and cleared several branches that had come down along the trail. We even had one volunteer who replaced the gate post that someone had pulled out of the ground at the Rice Farm trailhead.
We got a lot done! As we were wrapping up for the day people began pulling out cheese, chocolate, hot cider and goodies to share, tasty rewards for a job well done, a few hours well spent, in the good company of others. Many thanks to Michael Esposito, Lester Humphreys, Malcolm Moore, Scott Hurley, Kathleen White, Jim Webster, Hank Lange and Marcia Steckler for coming out to help improve the trail. And to Elin Waagen for taking photos.
The trail is now clear and in good shape for the winter. As I rode the trail this past Sunday I was pleased to see how many people of all ages were out enjoying it”.

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