West River Railroad Poem

West River Trail Do you know anything about Beulah Tinson Osgood? Jason Cooper found this poem tucked into an old book about the West River Railroad. It’s a wonderful story about one person’s experience years ago with the West River Railroad. If you know anything about the poem or the poet, please leave a comment! Thanks!

4 thoughts on “West River Railroad Poem

  1. That could be an M- Timson, as in Timson Hill in Newfane. Perhaps the Windham Historic Society has info on her.

  2. Beulah Minnie Timson was born 6 Aug 1888 in Newfane, VT to Albert L Timson and Minnie Hemphill. She married Fred Davidson Osgood 11 Sep 1912 in Newfane, Vt. Beulah died May 1972 in Oakmont, PA.

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