West River Trail Improvements

West River Trail Summer - 1This summer, work on the lower section of the West River Trail will greatly improve the trail.

A crew from Vermont Youth Conservation Corps will be working on the trail June 22nd through July 10th. They will be building stone steps down to the river, cutting new trails and improving drainage. Most of their work will be on the Riverstone Preserve, about 1/2 mile North of the Interstate bridge. If you are out on the trail, please stop and say hello!

In addition, there will be trail improvements through the generosity of Jason Evans Construction who will be bringing in equipment to haul and grade several tons of surface material to fill in muddy and rutted areas. This work will begin sometime after July 5th. Please be careful using the trail near this work.

A huge thanks to the VYCC Crew and to Jason Evans & Crew for the help. Enjoy the trail!

2 thoughts on “West River Trail Improvements

  1. We were riding the trail on Tuesday and they were busy cleaning up the brush on the sides of the trail. We thanked them for their nice work. Trail looks very good.

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