Rice Farm Road Trailhead Update

West River Trail, near Rice Road TrailheadFrom the Friends of the West River Trail Lower Section Steering Committee:

We have been working to resolve a disagreement regarding the Rice Farm Road Trailhead area, where no trespassing signs have been posted for the last several months. We have researched the issue and recently sent additional letters in our effort towards resolution of the disagreement.

Click on the links below to view the letter sent to Melvin Mayo, along with the opinion of surveyor Eric Morse and a new map that clearly shows the boundaries of Mayo Property and WRT and other abutting properties.

We will continue to post updates on the website as we have new information. Feel free to email us with questions or comments at lowersection@westrivertrail.org. Thank you.

Map Parcels Rice Farm Rd Dummerston VT July 2015

Eric Morse Land Surveying January 2015

FoWRT Mayo Letter July 2015

6 thoughts on “Rice Farm Road Trailhead Update

  1. Thank you to the WRT for all their work in trying to solve the Rice Farm Road access. It is clear that Mr. Mayo’s property does not go across the trailhead and down to the river. I hope it can be resolved. That section of the trail is used by many. Thanks again, Gary Hillsgrove

  2. Thanks again for your work in the effort to resolve this dispute. As of last week many of the signs at the trailhead have been removed, however large timbers containing nails have been placed in the turnarond leaving many users with flat tires as a result. This is still not okay and somehow needs to be addressed. Mr Mayo needs to realize that the WRT owns that entrance and he can not block it. Please give some thoughts as to what can be done. There are many users up in arms regarding the situation. Thanks.

  3. HI Gary,
    Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We had no idea. I will share this with the rest of the steering committee and we will definitely give some thought to what can be done ASAP. Thanks again.

  4. I’m wondering where the WRT and Mr. Mayo are in resolving this issue? I was on the trail (by the river) the other day when he drove along the trail and stopped. He was very polite, but very firm in telling me that that is his property and requested that I (and everyone else) not park at the trailhead because we are “blocking his driveway,” as he asserts the trail path is his back drive, hence as to why he’s been placing the limbs and boards with nails across it. He opened the conversation by asking me “Do you know this is private property?” and although he did not request I leave (and in fact asserted that he wanted it to be available for people to enjoy as long as they didn’t litter), it made for a rather awkward situation!

    • Dear Laura,
      Thank you for your question and informing us about your interaction with Mr. Mayo. This continues to be a complicated situation about which we have been seeking legal advice. We are doing our best to find resolution, but it may take awhile. Keep us posted. Kathleen, for the WRT lower section steering committee.

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