The West River Trail in November

Beautiful in all seasons! With the leaves gone from the trees, the trail in November is light and bright, open to the sky and the sunshine, with the river running alongside more visible.

Do you use the West River Trail? Know someone who does? If so, you might be interested in attending the upcoming Dummerston Development Review Board public hearing on Tues Nov 17th, 2015 at 7 pm at the Dummerston town offices at 1523 Middle Road, Dummerston Center, Vermont, when they will consider the following application:

A review of app #3418 by the Friends of the West River Trail for site plan review, conditional use approval and waiver to construct a kiosk and sign at the trail head on Rice Farm Road, Dummerston, a Rural district Riparian area and Special Flood Hazard Area. The hearing is open to the public. A public hearing notice is posted at the Rice Farm Road trailhead. For more information, contact Charlotte Neer Annis, Zoning Administrator, Town of Dummerston.


4 thoughts on “The West River Trail in November

  1. Hi

    I have a home on the island in the middle of the west river in jamaica. I cross the river all the time to walk on the trail under turkey mountain. I see e mails all the time about the trails down by brattleboro. Is there anything you can tell me about the trail system up near me? could it ever be cleaned up and maintained? Is it owned privately or by the town? Is there any groups up near jamaica talking/planning to fix up the trail system……..any info would be much appreciated.


    rob kagan

    • Hi Rob, Lucky you to live on the West River! 🙂 The Friends of the West River Trail (WRT, Upper Section) has done a lot of work on the trail between Townshend and Londonderry. You can access a map of the upper section from the WRT website. For answers to your questions, or for more information about the upper section of the WRT, your best bet is to contact folks in the Upper Section by emailing Thanks for your interest. Good luck!

    • Hi Rob,
      It’s great to hear from people who use the trail. Yes, there is certainly more activity on the blog regarding the trail in Brattleboro just from the shear fact of more people accessing it there. We do have an active trail group here in the Londonderry/Jamaica area too and as you know a great section of trail. The portion you reference south of the Jamaica State Park is all on private land. We are currently working on the details to expand access between the State Park and the ACOE Townshend Reservoir. We’ll keep you posted on the website and you can always reach us directly at

  2. A number of years ago there was a kiosk at the Rice Farm Trailhead but it disappeared. Was this done by WRT or Mr. Mayo. Are there concerns for building a new one when in fact there is still a lot of controversy? Lets hope this can finally get resolved soon as I and many others miss this access. Peace

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